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Marcie Morey Clinic and Lessons

Marcie Morey is traveling to Rhode Island from central Florida for the first time since the pandemic. She is an expert in equine behavior and natural horsemanship and works with all breeds and disciplines, but most especially gaited and pleasure horses. She will be offering a mini-clinic and private lessons. The mini-clinic for $200 consists of a 3-hour unmounted session on Saturday morning, August 6th PLUS a private 1.5 hour lesson with Marcie for each participant scheduled at your convenience from August 6-9. Additional lessons can be scheduled with the same or different horses at $75 for 1.5 hours for everyone who completes the mini-clinic. Riders are welcome to camp overnight if you are coming from a long distance. We have a few paddocks for horses. Please email  to make arrangements.

The unmounted session will cover lots of topics, and will be interactive: *Relaxation *Bits *Saddle Fit *Rein usage *Attitude *Position *Energy *Gait recognition *Frame & Headset *Simulations and of course, Question and Answer. Refreshments will be served.

The private lessons are guided by you – on the ground or in the saddle – whatever you want to work on: *Trailer Loading *Ground Manners *Gaits *Speed Control *Canter Departs – you name it! Marcie uses a coaching headset for a relaxed and focused experience.

If weather interferes, lesson times can be shifted to time slots August 10 or we will make every attempt to find another available slot. This is an opportunity to get the maximum benefit and attention for you and your horse, at a reasonable price, on a flexible schedule. We hope you will join us!

Learn more about Marcie at: https://marciemorey.com/

For more information about the clinic and lessons, contact Michelle Grald for more information at .

Equine Affaire

World Champions, National Champions, Olympians, WEG and Pan Am competitors, popular equestrian TV personalities, professional equestrian performers, authors, judges, veterinarians, professors, and other top industry professionals will come together at the 2019 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts to share their expertise on a wide range of equestrian disciplines and topics and offer unparalleled learning opportunities. Plan your trip to W. Springfield to meet these top equestrians and industry leaders, attend sessions on a wide range of equestrian disciplines and topics, and hone your horse training, management, and riding skills. For more information go to Equineaffaire.com.

Nya Bates: Clinic, Private Lessons, Trail Ride, and Fun Show

Nya Bates is back in New England for her third performance as a gaited clinician and friend to New England’s gaited horse and rider teams. She specializes in evaluating the horse, including feet, mouth, way of going, saddle fit, and bitting to ensure the most comfortable movement for each horse. She will focused on versatility challenges and overcoming trail obstacles, important skills for every trail rider. All events will be held at Mountain Lane Farm in Temple, NH; special thanks to Heather White for hosting this event. We are looking for volunteers to help throughout the week. With opportunities for every horse and rider team, Nya and Yankee Walkers has planned a variety of activies for club members and friends to enjoy:

  • October 3: Afternoon Trail Ride with Nya Bates: Is your horse giving you trouble on the trail? Nya is willing to ride your horse. Contact Sandy Rogers with the details and issues. (Rain Date October 2).
  • October 4: Clinic with Nya Bates, focusing on herd bound horses and gaiting issues. Cost $50 to participate and $20 to audit.
  • October 5: 2nd Annual Fun Show with Nya Bates, opened to all breeds of horses. Cost is $12/class or $70 for the day. Come and have fun; this is a no pressure show!
  • October 6: Private Lessons with Nya Bates. Cost $75/private lesson. (Private lessons during the week are available. Please email your desired day and time.)

For more information or to reserve your spot in the trail ride, clinic, fun show, or private lessons, please contact Sandy Rogers,  at  or 207-651-6571.

NHDEA: Summer Dressage Show

New Hampshire Dressage and Eventing Association (NHDEA) will host its Summer Dressage Show at University of New Hampshire, Durham, Equine Facilities. The invent includes gaited classes from Intro Level to 3rd Level. Bring your horse and compete or come for the day to encourage our gaited riders. Registration deadlines to enter this show are usually one month before the show date. For more information contact NHDEA at www.nhdea.org.

Gary Lane: Level 2, Gaiting Riding Clinic

With back to back clinics, Gary Lane will improve the riding skills of any gaited horse and human team from beginner to advanced horse and riders. To register for the Level 2 session, all riders must have completed Level 1 with Gary. During the Level 2 training of his gaited riding education, Gary will teach more advanced elements of relaxation, rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, proper straightness and bend, and collect. For more information contact Jody Pellecchia at email:

Gary Lane: Level 1, Gaiting Riding Clinic

Gary Lane is returning to New England for his fourth clinic, back by popular demand. During Level 1 training of his gaited riding education, Gary will teach the elements of recognizing proper gait, methods of relaxing the horse, and rein position. Students will receive both the academic training and the practical techniques in the saddle to education both the mind and body for optimal riding results.  Auditors are welcome June 22, 23, 24 and 25 – the cost to audit is $25.00 per day.   For more information contact Jody Pellecchia at email:

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